Hemp for Pets

Our pets also have an endocannabinoid system and can also benefit from homeostasis just like humans.

CBD hemp oil extract can be used as preventative treatment in pets and can improve their quality of life and overall health through:

Increased energy
Calm, more focused
Increased hunger
More bowel movements
Less anxiety
Restful sleep
Improved skin and coat health
Improved movement

The use of CBD hemp oil extract for pets has been known to help these following common conditions:

Chronic pain
Deteriorating quality of life
Fatty tumor
Inflammatory bowel disease
Joint and mobility
Skin issues

Vets who are open to the use of CBD hemp oil extract have found it helps on strains, torn muscles, broken bones and post-operative treatment. Some have observed older pets becoming playful again when their joint pain is eliminated. Some pet owners have even noticed their pet's seizures have stopped or have lessened after regularly taking the oil.

CBD hemp oil extract is safe for pets as long as it is pet-approved and from a reputable company. Just like before giving something to our human children, make sure you know where the hemp was grown and that it is certified organic and natural.

Also, look for CBD hemp oil extract that has coconut oil as the carrier oil as it is most gentle on your pet's stomach. Low-quality oils often have cod liver oil or olive oil carriers.

Do not give your pet a human formula for CBD hemp oil extract. It can be dangerous and toxic to them.

My dog Hank (pictured above) loves his hemp! He licks it right out of my hand!

*Disclaimer: I am not making medical claims. Just sharing tidbits of various research and testimonials. Please consult your pet's veterinarian if you have any concerns about giving CBD hemp extract oil to your pet. It is your responsibility to make an informed decision to determine if these products are right for your pet.