Getting Real About Food, Fitness, and Life, and Cheering You on in Your Journey!

Anybody else have trouble balancing the priorities of life?

Certainly something I struggle with daily. We all have the same number of hours in a day. So why do some people seem to get more done?

Each morning I try to begin the day with reading the Bible and a devotional and spending some quiet time in prayer. Though I confess there are some mornings I am out the door with the kids before I have made the time. Not usually a great start to the day.

Then there is the exercise thing. I have been so inconsistent over the years. I would join a gym and go regularly for 3 weeks or so. You know, just enough time to work up a good tight soreness? Then something would happen or I would just not be in the mood to go for a few days and my body would soften and expand right back into its flabby self.

And food! Oh well, I LOVE food! You could say I'm a foodie! Always planning my next meal...I love to eat out, I love to cook. It's been my comfort in a lot of ways, although Jesus should be our REAL comfort.

While I'm still on my journey, both in my faith and in my fitness, I hope to share some comfort with you. We have to make time for the important things in life. Our spiritual and physical health are both important. As a Christian, I need to spend time with my Heavenly Father and be in His Word each day. As a human being, I need to exercise and be healthy in order to take care of my physical body.

Coaching has become a part of my life because I can help others achieve their goals while keeping myself accountable. We need each other's support in life. I've started "getting real" about my struggles and my victories.

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Allow me to cheer you on in YOUR journey!



In God Keeps His Promises, Christy shares her personal story of God's comfort and provision through a painful separation/divorce while expecting her second child. Through time and a closer relationship with Jesus Christ, she has experienced true healing and grace. She wants to give God all the glory and desperately wants others to experience the same for their lives.

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