Bucket Lists

We all have bucket lists. You know, things we hope to do in life before we "kick the bucket!"

For years, when I worked a full-time cubicle job (often with overtime), my dream was to be able to stay home with my kids. I will always be so thankful to God for providing a plan to make that happen. Many times over the years I have had to remind myself in the middle of the never-ending laundry, the pile of dishes in the sink, or the either sticky-hot, or cold, depressing, rainy afternoon car rider line that I am in fact, livin' my dream!

But my oldest is now married, my middle is in college, and my youngest is the only one left in the nest. So the timing was right to add a new bucket item to my list, and that is contributing again to our household income while finding a way to maintain my flexibility to be there for my family. My husband works from home and I really didn't want to leave to go to a job every day. Besides, Hank (my dog) would miss me! I am enjoying the challenge and satisfaction of setting and achieving new goals for myself.

As a CBD advocate, I have been educating myself and others on the many benefits which you may learn about by clicking on CBD Benefits. It is my hope that we can eliminate the stigma that is associated with Hemp/CBD products. I would never advocate for recreational marajuana or promote any product used for purposes of getting high.

What I have personally experienced is sounder, more uninterrupted sleep, leading to better focus and more productivity during the day. Overall, I have more of a calmness and do not panic as much over things that are out of my control. Definitely, feel more of a sense of balance. Also, relief of sore muscles from exercise, which helps me press on physically in order to do what I love!

What's on your bucket list? As I get older, I realize that my window for accomplishing certain items on my list is getting smaller.

I did not become a runner girl until my forties and I am physically in better shape now than when I was in my twenties. I ran my first 5K in 2013, my first 10K in 2018, and completed my first women's triathlon on my birthday in 2019. Currently, I am training for my first half marathon.

I've never been an athlete, never played any sports in school, or was ever a part of a sports team. But now that I'm older and wiser I actually enjoy trying new ways to exercise and making it a priority to be healthy and fit, as opposed to striving to be skinny.

I've stopped worrying so much about the scale and instead am working on checking off those bucket list items. Continually training for the next goal is fun! Sometimes the next thing can be a little scary, but I plan on taking care of my body and aging like a fine wine.

Below are some pics of my first triathlon. I trained with a group of ladies through our local Fleet Feet. It was an awesome experience!

Whatever your health goals may be, keep taking the steps to make them happen! You are worth it.