A Little About Me

Hoping to be a comforter and encourager as we get through this thing called life! Someone once told me years ago that I was a "conduit" and the time I wasn't sure what that meant exactly. However, I do have a passion for helping people whether it be an encouraging word, a homecooked meal, or a referral to someone or someplace that is better equipped to help than myself.

A few fun facts about me:  I like to say I'm a Domestically Challenged Homemaker, Believer of God's Promises, Mom, Wife, Runner, Bucket List Checker, Student and Teacher of God's Word, One Time Author, Occasional Blogger, Crazy Black Dog/Cat Lady, Foodie, and always ready to travel (especially it a beach is involved). I still believe the 80's was the best musical decade (did you catch my Prince reference earlier?) and I'm full of worthless musical trivia! As a health advocate, I hope to add some value to the lives of others while keeping my own health/fitness in check. It truly blesses me if you are comforted or encouraged here and it is my desire to glorify God and share the Truth of His Word on my tiny corner of the globe a/k/a the world wide web.

  • Promoting better overall physical health 
  • Purposeful living with eternal perspective
  • Focusing on the importance and power of prayer
  • Thankfulness and contentment in our calling and circumstances

A Bit of Blog History

This blog started to simply be an encouragement. It has taken on different themes over the years and quite honestly I have chased after the wind a few times, but it originated from my God-story and how He worked in my life in supernatural ways as only He can over 20 years ago.

Comfort to Comfort was born in 2008 when I published the long version of the story, God Keeps His Promises – Trusting in the One Who is Faithful When Vows are Broken and based on  2 Corinthians 1:3-4. Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves have received from God. (NIV)

You can read the cliff notes here.

While I still hope to share personal stories and continue to praise God as my ultimate Comforter, Provider, and the One Who faithfully fights ALL my battles, my goal is to share even more encouragement and perhaps be a conduit to other resources that may add value to your lives. May you find comfort here in just a few of the following ways:

As an older mom that experienced blended family challenges over the years, a stay-at-home mom whose husband faced job cuts a few times, a woman who has struggled internally with the ups and downs of her weight (and mood) and maintaining healthy eating habits, to feeling totally empowered by setting and achieving goals (and honestly, equally deflated and humbled when she failed), I hope to share my life here and inspire others to build a strong faith, maintain a healthy body, and always keep eternal perspective.

In addition to running for exercise, I also run an online business as an independent advocate with a Wilmington, NC company that provides USDA certified organic wellness products. You'll also find a bit of information on that and there is even a link to my store should you have any interest, but the primary goal of this site is not to sell anything, but to give.

I also love to travel every chance I get and enjoy writing about experiencing new adventures and restaurant finds!

PS - This photo is of my youngest son and me in 2019. He is now 16! Babies don't keep!