My Top 10 Lessons of 2021

  1. Physical fitness can get out of hand fast. I must stay disciplined if I want my clothes to fit right and feel confident. Pictures don’t lie!️
  2. Be careful who you follow and who you listen to. Be bolder in speaking up (with grace) when Truth needs to be upheld.
  3. Pride comes before a fall. Less about me, more about Him. God taught me much about humility this year and I’m a continual work in progress.
  4. Taking a social media break once in a while can be good for my mental health. That said, it’s okay to unfollow or “hide” someone. It’s about protecting my mind and trying to steer clear of comparison traps or simply feeding my mind with garbage.
  5. It’s okay to splurge on myself (especially at my age) and try not to feel guilty about it. 
  6. Don’t take anything for granted, especially my health or the health of my loved ones. Life is truly a vapor. 
  7. The “hustle” is overrated. Cherish time with family and learn to be content with my life while following my dreams. In fact, simpler living is underrated. Thank goodness God didn’t give us all the same dream.
  8. Let the little betrayals and hurts go. Be a forgiving friend and remember to remove the log from my own eye when I’m tempted to criticize. 
  9. An idol is not always an easily identifiable golden calf, but a sneaky desire in my heart that pulls me away from God. My heart requires frequent examination of my priorities.
  10. Be better at planning or inviting if you want to see your people. Get-togethers don’t just happen. It takes effort. Invite them and they will come.
Happy New Year, Friends! May God bless you abundantly in 2022! 



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