Fill in the Blank: I want to be _____kind of mom.

We had Muffins for Mom at my four-year-old son’s preschool this week in honor of Mother’s Day. Bryson had filled in the blanks to answer some important questions about his mom and gave them to me during our special time. The results are priceless!

According to Bryson, his mom is 40 years old (correct) and weighs 40 lbs. – okay, pretty sure I can’t survive with that weight, but at least he didn’t say 400 lbs! She is also 40 feet tall! Wow!

She has Bo’s hair (that’s our dog- a Shih Tzu!) and blue eyes (correct).

Her favorite food is salad. (Not sure why he picked that one! Except when we go out to lunch at Firebirds after church on Sundays, I always order the Grilled Shrimp & Strawberry Salad. Yummy!)

Her favorite restaurant is Kerley’s (a local barbecue joint we frequent almost every Friday night!). Funny, that happens to be B’s favorite restaurant! He always orders 2 hotdogs (no bun), fries, and sweet tea! Then he races to the cash register before we can even push our chairs in to pick out his favorite Dum Dum lollipop! To be honest, I could use a little more variety, but Bryson and his dad are creatures of habit and their worlds are gently rocked when we miss a Friday night!

He thinks his mom looks funny when she is being chased by his cross bow. Oh my! When did that happen? What an imagination!

We have fun together when we go to Lake Thom-A-Lex. Yes we do! It’s a nice little park with a huge playground beside a lake where you can picnic, fish, and feed the geese. Now I know I need to plan a special time to take him back. It has been almost a year since we’ve been and he still remembers!

His mom is special because she fixes corn on the cob.

He would not trade his mom for a flower!

Isn’t that precious?

Sometimes life is just about the simple things. My baby will start kindergarten in the fall and I am going to miss him more than I can bear to think about!

This is just a sweet reminder to me that life is about taking time to spend with the people we love. I need to set aside a little quality time to go to the park before it gets so hot around here.

It is also a reminder to serve my family. My child obviously feels loved when I make his favorite food (right now it’s corn on the cob, but that is subject to change).

This weekend, I think I’ll take a few minutes to really soak in the Proverbs 31 passage about a woman of noble character. I already know I have a few hundred traits to work on. In fact, just reading about this woman is exhausting!

But if I may dare to sum up the entire passage in 2 points:

1) She loves and fears the Lord.

2) She loves and serves her family.

That’s the kind of woman I am striving to be! What about you?

Lord, Help me to be the wife and mother You desire for me to be. Thank You for seeing past my many flaws and continue to mold me into the kind of mother that pleases and honors You. Give me strength and wisdom for each day! Amen.


PS – If you have kids, a great resource that I should probably re-read is The Five Love Languages of Children by Gary Chapman.

PSS – Before I could finish writing this post, I had to stop and make my boy some more corn on the cob! :)

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