Who Needs Refreshing?

A generous person will prosper; whoever refreshes others will be refreshed. Proverbs 11:25

Been thinking a lot about being refreshed this week. Probably because my daughter and I painted the kids' bathroom on Tuesday while they were out of school.

Walls need refreshing every so often. Especially when they have have covered with flat paint. A kids' bathroom of all places really needs a little gloss in order to look clean.

Otherwise, every splash of water will run down the wall and leave marks. Every scuff from every toy that has been dragged across the wall leaves its bold mark. And when one tries to clean a wall with flat paint...well, sometimes the paint comes off  along with the dirt.

So this week we made a refreshing change from dull, flat, dirty blue to bright, glossy, warm, vibrant orange!

And that evening, after we had worked tirelessly all day, I was wiped out.

Looking forward to crashing in my bed for a long night of slumber, instead I came down with a nasty stomach bug! I was up half the night, praying for it to stop...

And my husband has been out of town all week! So I was on my own with 3 kids. Thankfully, they did not have school the next day. However, my daughter did have a morning orthodontist appointment.

So who do I call when I need help? Mom and Dad.

My dad took my daughter to her appointment and my mom brought the necessary supplies to refresh the sick - ginger ale, chicken broth.

She also generously provided me with baked potatoes, bananas, and cans of chicken noodle soup for when my body was ready to endure more solid food.

A blessing from God, no one could have better parents. Looking back over my life, they have always been there when I need them.

How well I remember when I was a single mom with a toddler and a newborn, they were there. They were my support system. Help was, and still is, only a phone call away.

However, it made me think about others who may not have a good support system. My husband has been traveling a lot more over the last couple of weeks and I am reminded of what it feels like to be a single mom.

Perhaps God is allowing me to continue to taste the single mom life for a reason. It has become a distant memory for me, but I do not ever want to lose compassion for those who are struggling in this area.

I pray that instead of being dull like worn, flat paint, God will instead wake me up and give me fresh, bright eyes. Show me who needs refreshing. Direct me to reach out to someone who could use a little support.

How about you? Is God putting someone on your heart that may need some refreshment? We all know widows, single moms, and those suffering with an illness.

Life is busy and I am just as guilty as the next person for staying wrapped up in my own busyness, but let's be there for our sisters. Let's ask our Father in Heaven who we may refresh this week.

And in doing so, may we all be refreshed!

For His Glory,

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