Heaven on Earth

Some might think our blended family situation gets a bit weird at times. Mainly because one cannot fathom how two people can get along and be kind to one another after all the hurtful words that once flew off our tongues, or from the lingering sting left by a betrayal.

And truthfully, it did take a while.

Never would I have imagined the genuine friendliness we now have among all of us.

Never would I have considered the possibility of worshiping with my ex-husband and his family, along with my family.

But that is exactly what we did yesterday morning. They welcomed us into their church and we even sat in the pew in front of them.

Our teenage daughter has joined the dance team there and they performed to East to West by Casting Crowns. A beautiful job, I must add! One of my all time faves by CC anyway and it truly brought tears to my eyes watching my precious girl dance.

The sermon was on Revelation 21:1-5 and the pastor's message was on Heaven and what it will be like.

A brief synopsis, though I won't do it justice here:

Will we recognize each other? Yes, we believe so.

Will there be any hospitals, paramedics, cemeteries? No. There will be no need because there will be no more death or sickness.

Whatever hard times we've been through in this life - abuse, betrayal, sickness, loss...there will be none of those things in Heaven. Praise God!

The closing hymn was When We All Get to Heaven!

What a glorious picture of Heaven on Earth! As I sang I couldn't help but feel a little surreal that we were singing such a hymn with people I once didn't think deserved to go there. I know, what a hypocrite, right? I don't deserve to go there either!!! Just being real, here.

It's ONLY by the GRACE of GOD through HIS SON, JESUS CHRIST, that anyone gets to go there!

To God be the glory for giving me a snapshot of what Heaven will be like one day. One day, all of us will stand before God and sing His praises together in Heaven!

Friends, let's see the bigger picture...Belinda Carlisle sang about making Heaven a place on Earth back in the 80s. But yesterday, I was reminded that as Christians we need to live with the mindset of eternity every day. And if God has brought us this far in our healing on earth, just imagine how wonderful Heaven will be!

There will be no broken, dysfunctional families. We will all belong to the same happy, loving family of God.

Thank You, Heavenly Father, for gently showing me a glimpse of Heaven. Help us to forgive and love those who hurt us because of the love and forgiveness that Jesus has shown us in our own lives.

You are truly an awesome God!

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